About The Theory of Health Blog

The goal with the Theory of Health blog is to provide an objective angle at how health and nutrition are currently being treated in the West. We believe that well-being has been the most neglected aspect of human growth that there is and we aim to prove that. By taking a deeper look at the key Philosophies behind the decisions being made in the Medical field, one can make a much more informed decision about the foods they eat, the medication they take, and even the types of music they listen to. 

We have recognized that mental and spiritual virtue are just as important as Physical health. These 3 pillars together form a synergistic bond of virtue that will either build one up or break them down. You cannot have true strength without fulfilling these 3 essential needs. Unfortunately, modern society seems to have forgotten how to nurture themselves, as well as their friends and loved ones. We tend to focus only on what will make us ok in the present moment while lacking to see the bigger picture.