A Brief Experience with Nootropics

After some brief experimentation with Nootropics, I decided to make a post describing the results of my trials. I recently tried a nootropic product called Piracetam. This substance is quite well known in the world of smart drugs and is probably the most popular among the different nootropics available. After reading about the memory enhancing properties that Piracetam can provide I decided that it was most likely the best one for me to try. Let's talk about what the effects the drug had on me over the 1 month period that I tested it.

 So after the first couple weeks, I didn't actually feel anything I knew this was quite normal because I've read that it can take up to a month for Piracetam to start working properly. About a week later I started to notice a slight improvement in my vocabulary and the overall flow in my speech. I spent much less time looking for words like I do normally do, and communication just seemed to feel more natural. This wasn't really an effect that I was expecting beforehand, but it was definitely quite pleasant considering I often do struggle to find words when speaking.

 Besides for the improvements in speech, I noticed 1 more effect which was a slight increase in my ability to concentrate on what I'm doing. Normally when I'm working I have to take constant breaks in order to continue on with my work. On Piracetam I found it much easier to work without these little breaks that I normally take. It seemed as if I was more involved with what I was doing and I was more equipped to block out any distracting background noises. Besides for the 2 effects mentioned I did not really notice anything else. I suppose these 2 effects could possibly be Placebo but it certainly did not seem that way to me.

 As for whether or not I'll try Piracetam again, I think I may use it again in the future but I will avoid taking it too frequently as I've heard some negative reports about people using too many smart drugs in a short period of time without any breaks. Next time I may try a different Nootropic as well, such as Aniracetam or Alpha GPC. I forgot to mention that I did take a Choline supplement with the Piracetam as recommended. Apparently, Choline is necessary so that your brain can work overtime without depleting itself of Choline which is a vitamin needed by the brain for proper function. If you choose try any smart drugs make sure you have this supplement or you eat foods high in Choline such as eggs.

 As always, stay healthy and fit and thank you very much for reading!

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