Why Vaping will Replace Smoking in the Tobacco industry

Vaping is slowly gaining a ton of momentum and for pretty good reasons. It's healthier, tastier, and you can do it pretty much anywhere. Nicotine vaping first started to gain popularity in the early 2000s and now in 2016 it is one of the quickest growing industries in the world. Let's talk about some of the perks of e-cigarettes as well as why some people still continue to smoke.

Vapor means much less Carcinogens:

When you use an e-cig you are not inhaling any smoke at all. It is pure Nicotine vapor that typically has an extra flavor associated with it as well. This is why vaping is a much healthier alternative than smoking, and even chewing tobacco.  Smoke is extremely toxic to your lungs alone. Combine cigarette carcinogens with the dangerous effects of smoke inhalation and you have 1 dangerous little product wrapped in paper. We don't even need to talk about the dangers of the mouth cancer-causing oral tobacco products. Even Phillip Morris, one of the largest Tobacco companies in the world has recently advised its customers to stop smoking cigarettes and turn to an alternative. Vape juice products tend to have much less of these harmful chemicals so it is widely believed that vaping has a much lower risk of cancer associated with it than the other forms of tobacco use.

Why do people choose to Still Smoke?

Even with vaping being much healthier and more convenient than cigarettes, there are some people who choose to still smoke instead. I think the main reason for this is the fact that Many people are addicted to the act and feeling of smoking itself, rather than the effects caused by nicotine. Many smokers talk about how "vaping just doesn't give them the burn that a cigarette does". Essentially, these smokers seem to have built up a strong psychological dependence on the act cigarettes rather than a Chemical need.
Anyone who's at least 25 years old knows how ruthless the tobacco companies can be when it comes to their marketing campaigns. Although laws have gotten more strict recently, tobacco still remains one of the most heavily advertised products in history. In the 80s and early 90s, it could be hard to go a single day without seeing a tobacco ad either on television, in magazines, in films, or on a huge billboard.
I think this heavy marketing and branding has created some very die-hard loyal tobacco consumers who hate the thought of consuming anything other than their preferred method of tobacco consumption (ie. smoking, chewing, etc.). This works the same way that Apple fanatics will not use any phone other than the iPhone, or how Pepsi drinkers won't have anything to do with Coca-Cola.
The fact of the matter is that brand marketing can creative a strong sense of attraction towards one product or another. It gives users a sense of belonging in a way that becomes ingrained into their personality. As consumers, we need to try and make better decisions about the products that we buy and be more aware of the feelings/emotions that can be caused by advertisements.

A Brief Experience with Nootropics

After some brief experimentation with Nootropics, I decided to make a post describing the results of my trials. I recently tried a nootropic product called Piracetam. This substance is quite well known in the world of smart drugs and is probably the most popular among the different nootropics available. After reading about the memory enhancing properties that Piracetam can provide I decided that it was most likely the best one for me to try. Let's talk about what the effects the drug had on me over the 1 month period that I tested it.

 So after the first couple weeks, I didn't actually feel anything I knew this was quite normal because I've read that it can take up to a month for Piracetam to start working properly. About a week later I started to notice a slight improvement in my vocabulary and the overall flow in my speech. I spent much less time looking for words like I do normally do, and communication just seemed to feel more natural. This wasn't really an effect that I was expecting beforehand, but it was definitely quite pleasant considering I often do struggle to find words when speaking.

 Besides for the improvements in speech, I noticed 1 more effect which was a slight increase in my ability to concentrate on what I'm doing. Normally when I'm working I have to take constant breaks in order to continue on with my work. On Piracetam I found it much easier to work without these little breaks that I normally take. It seemed as if I was more involved with what I was doing and I was more equipped to block out any distracting background noises. Besides for the 2 effects mentioned I did not really notice anything else. I suppose these 2 effects could possibly be Placebo but it certainly did not seem that way to me.

 As for whether or not I'll try Piracetam again, I think I may use it again in the future but I will avoid taking it too frequently as I've heard some negative reports about people using too many smart drugs in a short period of time without any breaks. Next time I may try a different Nootropic as well, such as Aniracetam or Alpha GPC. I forgot to mention that I did take a Choline supplement with the Piracetam as recommended. Apparently, Choline is necessary so that your brain can work overtime without depleting itself of Choline which is a vitamin needed by the brain for proper function. If you choose try any smart drugs make sure you have this supplement or you eat foods high in Choline such as eggs.

 As always, stay healthy and fit and thank you very much for reading!

Why Excercise is a must No Matter What

Although Supplements and herbs can be absolutely amazing and fill some of the holes we have in our body's chemistry, it's still very important that everyone(and I mean everyone) gets proper exercise. Those of you who do exercise regularly probably notice that when you take a break from your normal exercise routine for 3-4 days you just don't feel right. In this article we'll go over the various reasons why exercise is essential to both your mental and physical well-being.

When it comes to happiness and well-being, you just can't trick your body. Our bodies are wired to reward us when we do something that it perceives to be necessary for our survival. One of these things happens to be exercise. Although exercise may not seem necessary now that we have cars, diet pills, and proper shelter, in the earliest days of mankind it most definitely was. Our bodies are just not hard-wired to live in the age of technology. As far as are bodies are concerned, we might as well still be living in the year 50 BC.

What will you gain from exercising?

By not exercising, we are denying ourselves of the extra good-feeling endorphins  and neurotransmitters that are released after a good workout. In fact, exercise can be as powerful as sex and drugs(or even rock and roll), when it comes to getting a feeling of euphoria. Exercise is also known to be essential to our health in many different ways. There's a reason why it is a recommend treatment for some many different mental and physical health issues. It's pretty much the body's second best natural cure next to sleep. Even if you're eating a great diet and taking high quality supplements, you still will not be anywhere near your peak health without some exercise.

So next time you're feeling a bit depressed don't just reach for the bottle of pills or a beer. Instead hit the treadmill or go for a bike ride and see if you're still down in the dumps after that. We all know that finding the motivation to exercise can certainly be difficult. However, the key is to just go out and do it without thinking about it. Once you start exercising it's easy to complete a good workout, but if you sit around and dwell on it then you likely won't end up doing it at all.