The Mind's Reaction to Substances

The human mind and body seem to be designed to be able to adapt very well to the effects of various substances that have effects on them. For example, when someone has been using amphetamines for a consistent period of time(3 or more days in a row), the effects of the drug will inevitably become severely diminished after a certain period of time. This concept is known as 'tolerance', and the fact that it happens is undeniable.

Preventing Tolerance to Substances:

Although we know that tolerance does indeed occur, we do not yet know exactly why it occurs, and if there are any ways we can prevent it. Though there are a few respected theories on why it occurs. When it comes to drugs that affect the mind such as amphetamines, the extended use of these drugs causes the brain to overproduce the neurotransmitters such as
dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin. A common theory is that since we need these neurotransmitters to function, the brain is designed to recognize an imbalance, and correct it by releasing less of these neurotransmitters to protect the brain.


It's almost as if we as humans were designed so perfectly that it's nearly impossible to manipulate certain functions of our mind and body through the long-term use of drugs. It seems that our body and mind are designed to balance out any interruptions in the normal balance that it encounters. Because of this, drugs are essentially designed to trick our minds into functioning in a certain way.

It seems that our minds do not react as drastically when it comes to substances that come directly from nature, and aren't made inside a laboratory. If you look at natural plant-based substances such as kava root, this substance seems to maintain its effects even after consistent use. The effects of kava may be slightly diminished, but not nearly as much as the effects of long-term amphetamine use. This topic is something that is widely avoided in the medicine industry in the west. However, I do think that as time goes on, we will start to embrace the benefits of natural remedies more.

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